Does Your Business Technology Need a Checkup?

I have always had a tenuous relationship with healthcare. In my younger days, my philosophy was, if I’m not on my death bed, I don’t need to see the doctor. Check-ups and normal regimens were a foreign concept. Sure, I exercised when I wanted to and when I hurt, I popped an aspirin and waited for the pain to go away, but beyond that, I wasn’t concerned. As I got older, I started to recognize the need and value of regular medical care and prevention. I get annual check-ups. I do massage therapy. I do regular exercise. I have transitioned from a reactive approach to my health to a proactive approach. Does it cost me more in time and money? Yes. But I consider it an investment in my well-being. Does it mean that nothing bad can happen? No. But there is peace of mind in knowing the state of my health and if something does happen, I have a history of healthcare and data that can help identify the issue more quickly and accurately and get me back on my feet.

The health of business technology is no different. Many businesses are reactive in their approach. They adopt the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy. Things may be slow and out of date. Systems may not be patched. Operating Systems may no longer be supported. Security software may be non-existent or inadequate for the nature of current threats. There may be some abdominal discomfort but not enough to go see the doctor. Sooner or later something will give, and things will break. The pain will intensify. Rather than seeing the doctor, a Google search is done or possibly a friend is consulted. Even if that friend might be a nurse they may not have the time and expertise to really help with the pain and will probably recommend seeing a doctor. The pain gets worse. Eventually something gives and a trip to the ER happens and when the anesthesia wears off from the surgery, the doctor informs you that your appendix burst and had to be removed. You’re down for several weeks and have a costly hospital bill and lost wages. How much could have been saved if a doctor was consulted sooner or regular check-ups identified the condition before the pain ever started?

A reactive approach to technology is often more expensive and painful than proactive. Eventually, things break, and business is impacted. How much time and money are lost in downtime or lost revenue? How much does it cost to get back to normal work? IT managed services provide the vehicle for a proactive approach to your technology health. It helps identify issues before they become problems. And if something major does happen, it can provide disaster recovery and business continuity to minimize downtime and impact on your revenue. Just like we need to adopt a proactive approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle, we need to do the same with our business technology. Meeting Tree Computer can be your IT “doctor” for both preventive care and if something does happen, make sure you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. If you are concerned with the current state of your IT health, let us know and we can do a check-up and help prescribe a regimen to get you back to health and keep you there. Contact Meeting Tree Computer today: (845) 237-2117. We’re here to help.