Traveling abroad is a dream for so many of us, but it’s important to use safety precautions. Online Safety should not be limited to the home, office, or classroom. It is just as important when we travel. No one is exempt from the threat of cybercrime, at home or on the go, but you can follow these simple tips to stay safe online when traveling.

Unsecured Wireless Networks.

While public wireless networks provide great convenience, they are often unsecure and can allow cyber criminals access to your Internet enabled devices. As a best practice you should avoid public Wi Fi whenever you can. If you have no choice but to use public Wi FI make sure that the network is legitimate. Do not conduct sensitive activities, such as online shopping, banking, or sensitive work, using a public wireless network and only use sites that begin with “https://” Publicly Accessible Computers.

Publicly Accessible Computers.

Hotels and airports sometimes provide computers that anyone can use. However, travelers cannot trust that these computers are secure. They could be infected with malicious viruses or malware through which criminals are able to receive users’ personal information, such as name, credit card numbers, birthdates, and passwords. Guard your privacy and only use these computers for general information searches like where to have dinner that night.

Public Charging Stations.

USB charging ports in public places like the airport are convenient but possibly risky. Data is transferrable over a USB connection, so plugging your phone into an unknown charging port can put it at risk. Best practice: bring along your own portable battery – it could save you from severe aggravation.


Don’t announce to the world that you’ll be away from your house on vacation. Sometimes the lead-up to the vacation is almost as good as the vacation itself. It’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement and jump on Facebook to tell all your friends about your upcoming trip. Problem is, criminals are known to watch social media in order to target homes they know will be vacant for robbery. So best to wait until you get back until you start posting those trip photos. While most of these things are pre-cautions that we (should) take every day, they are not the first ones that come to mind when you are planning a trip. But as always, it’s better to be safe than sorry.