I know businesses like yours rely on public Wi Fi at times. And we all know that means you have a glaring hole in your security.

VPN services are a great way to secure your company’s use of public Wi Fi. They create an encryption tunnel through the public internet connection that effectively shuts out hackers. You see, a VPN service encrypts traffic leaving your device and routes it to one of their servers. From there, it gets unencrypted and goes straight to the internet as it would from your internet service provider’s server. The VPN server then receives the return traffic, encrypts it again, and sends it back to your device where it gets unencrypted back again. And yes, it’s fast.

VPN services have servers all over the world, so if you’re traveling out of the country and want to log in to your bank, you can just choose one of your home country’s servers and avoid getting restricted access errors.

You also avoid being followed by web trackers since your VPN leaves no trace to your device for them to find. That’s what we call online privacy.

Did I mention they’re affordable and close out your cyber-security efforts without breaking the bank?

Talk to me about deploying a VPN service for your company and I’ll show you how easy and affordable it can be.