1. Even if you IT security is flawless, there is a good chance that your data has been breached. How? The companies that you log into get breached all the time. Equifax, Target, and Facebook are just a few companies that may have distributed your data. Since the Dark Web is a huge marketplace for selling stolen data, searching the Dark Web for your data can protect you. If you know it is out there, you can protect yourself.

2. Passwords. For years we followed password complexity rules established by NIST (The United States National Institute for Standards and Technology). Our passwords were 8 characters or longer with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. Passwords needed to be changed. NIST now has new guidelines. One of the major differences is that forcing password change is no longer considered a good idea. We are now told that the only time to change our passwords is if you forget, you are phished, or your password is stolen. Good news, you don’t have to change the password! How do you know if your password is compromised? Ask us to do a Dark Web search for you! Click here to Find our more.