Here are some tips on extending the battery life on your laptop

  • Dim Your Screen

    A laptop running solely on battery is typically bogged down with several high consumption tasks. However, running the display screen on its brightest setting will drain the battery down the quickest. You can conserve your laptop’s battery life by doing the following: In the Power setting under your control panel you will see the “Power Options” setting. Pick the power setting plan your computer is set to and click on change plan settings. There will be a column for settings while on battery and one while plugged in. On the “on battery” setting, move the slider to reduce the display brightness.  Save the setting. Unplug your laptop and you will notice the brightness change. You can adjust until you find a setting you are comfortable with. If your computer is running low on battery and you need it to last longer, you can use this technique to get it as dim as possible and make the battery last longer.

  • Switch Off Wi Fi

    The Wi Fi function is the second biggest drain on your battery life during a session. If you are running low on battery and don’t need the internet or if you have a wired connection available, switch the Wi Fi off. The method of turning off Wi Fi on your laptop varies for each laptop, but with Windows 10 you have the software option to turn off Wi Fi and toggle it back on when it’s needed.

  • Remove Any Disks in CD Drives

    These disks will spin all the time while inserted, making your CD drive consume power. It’s a good habit not to use the CD drive (for a long period of time) when operating your machine in battery mode.

  • Remove USB Peripherals

    If, you are using the laptop in battery mode and want it to last, remove anything USB related and use the mouse and keyboard on the laptop instead. Ejecting any USB storage devices l can also to extend your battery life by several hours.

Below, you will find some tips to extend the long-term life of the battery pack and to get the best performance out of your laptop:

Change Your Charging Habits

It’s is good practice to run your laptop in battery mode once a week. This will make the battery work better when you use it and, it will last longer over the life of the computer. A Lithium battery will develop a memory. A Lithium Ion style battery does not need a complete discharge, but you should use the laptop as soon as it’s charged. Do not give it a full charge or let it sit for weeks at the full charge, plugged into the charger. A battery needs to be “exercised” to keep it in tip top shape.

Invest in a Better Battery

Whether purchasing a better battery for an off the shelf laptop or on special order, always get the extended life version. These will make your laptop experience much more enjoyable and are well worth the cost over time. Most manufacturers make this battery and sell it as an option. We suggest purchasing your battery when the computer is new. You can then take the smaller battery that came with the computer, charge it up and put it in your travel bag for an emergency battery.  Before a trip, take it out, charge it up and it’s like having an extra lifeline. On special order Business Class machines, always order the extended life battery pack, it is well worth the expense over the life of the PC.

Extra Information

Last but not least, a tip on Cell Phone batteries:  A cell phone battery is the same as a laptop battery, it needs to be exercised like the laptops above. But with a cell phone, when it’s new, it needs to be allowed to discharge a few times a week before being brought back to a full charge. If you put your cell phone on the charger every day, you will greatly reduce its effectiveness as well as the life of the battery!

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