Is your current phone system not keeping up with the demands of your business, or do you find your company missing calls, or worse yet sales due to lacking functionality or features? It could be time to consider a new Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In essence, VoIP is used to set up a communications service over a network. While VoIP can be used as a communication service within an internal network, it can also be used over the Internet.

VoIP has several advantages over traditional landlines and other telephony type systems:

Hosted VoIP can save you money - Saving money is one of the most important features of Hosted VoIP phone systems. Legacy systems can be expensive;  setup is intrusive, reconfiguring requires time, and maintenance and repairs can be quite expensive.

With hosted VoIP systems, you not only save on the costs of installation, calls themselves are significantly less expensive. If your business makes a lot of international calls, hosted VoIP phone systems offer the savings you need to have a great phone system without a huge capital investment.

VoIP scales up and down easily – With VoIP for your business, you can easily add a line as soon as you add a new employee, and when an employee leaves, you simply reassign or remove the line. You always have the right number of phone lines for your needs. No calling your telecom and waiting for hours to place an order and days to have the new line or extension installed.

Employees’ numbers follow them wherever they go - Hosted VoIP phone systems are terrific for businesses that have field workers or workers who travel a lot. Calls can be diverted to anywhere in the country or world due to cloud-hosted VoIP phone system features

The ability to take on your company’s workload – With optimized technology, your VoIP system will never go down because too many calls are being made, and the system can grow with your business.

A range of calling features are supported– If you want to take a call on your laptop, or on your cell phone when you’re on the go, or you’d like to access a phone number without any hassle, then MTC's VoIP services are definitely for you. All of the traditional call system features you expect are available in hosted VoIP systems, including call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me/follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus.

Installing and setting up a new VoIP system in your office is easier and more affordable than you might expect. Our trained staff will not only provide all of the necessary help and training to make the transition smooth and worry-free, but we can also help you find the right solution that meets your budget.

If you’re not happy with your current phone solution, have outgrown your existing system, or are looking for new features; call us today, and let us help you make the right choice, (845) 237-2117.