Do your employees share responsibilities?

A shared email inbox allows multiple people to send, receive, and respond to emails from the same address in a secure fashion. When an email is sent to a shared mailbox, any response will appear as if it was sent from the shared mailbox address rather than the individual person, making it easier to manage such inquiries and respond to your adoring fans.

For example, Mr. Brown sets up, and adds his partners, Jack and Jill, as members. Whenever any of the three replies to a Questions@email, the response will come from, instead of from Mr. Brown, Jack, or Jill’s individual email addresses.

Since the entire inbox is shared between the members, they also have access to a common calendar and contacts list. Another advantage to a shared mailbox is that it allows for a certain amount of email storage, without adding another cost to your bill.

A shared mailbox technically has no owner; it doesn't even a password. While you can't log into a shared mailbox directly, once the admin adds you as a member of the shared box, you can access it online or through an email client.

You can even access a shared mailbox from your mobile device. All you have to do is add an additional account. Here is how:

The steps are easy:

  1. Download Outlook from App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android
  2. Add your primary Exchange or Office 365 account
  3. Tap the Add Account button on the left navigation pane, and then tap Add a Shared Mailbox

You may be asked to confirm which account has permission to access the shared mailbox. Simply input the shared mailbox name and you’re all set.



Once added, it shows up in the navigation pane of Outlook for mobile.

The first time we attempted to add a shared mailbox to an updated version of Outlook for Mobile, we did not get the option to add a shared mailbox. We had to delete our account and reinstall the application, then reconfigure it. But it worked flawlessly that time!

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