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With more and more data breaches happening every day, it's likely that your company or your employees' information is being bought and sold by cyber criminals.

We will search the Dark Web for compromised credentials associated with your domain.

Let's stop a breach BEFORE it happens.

Find out if your company or your employees' credentials are exposed on the dark web

We Put Security First.

Even if you are diligent about password security measures such as using strong, unique passwords, and multi-factor authentication (2FA), your login credentials, and that of your employees, could still be stolen if one of the sites or apps you use is breached.

Unfortunately, data breach victims are often the last ones to know that their information has been compromised.

Take advantage of our FREE dark web scan and let us analyze your business's dark web presence. The sooner you find out that your log-in credentials have been compromised, the faster you can take action to protect yourself!


Hackers Are Constantly Finding Ways to Steal Passwords

This sensitive information often ends up for sale on the black market, compromising the security of your employees, your clients and your company.


Why Do a Dark Web Scan?

You (and your IT team) need to know if your company credentials have been exposed in past hacks. With awareness comes the opportunity to identify the right security you need to put in place to protect identities and applications


We Find What’s Compromised

We scan the dark web based on your domain and find all accounts that have been involved in a breach. The sooner you find out that your login credentials have been compromised, the faster you can take action.


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What is the dark web?

Watch our quick video to learn about the dangers of the dark web.

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