Ed Shanker
President &CEO


"Every day I have the privilege to utilize my technical background in creating proven solutions for our Clients; taking away their IT frustrations so they can focus on running their business. I feel extremely passionate about helping local businesses leverage technology that is right for their budget, and that provides them with the efficiency, productivity and  security that they need.

As CEO it is important to me to focus on putting our clients first and that everyone treats each task with the time and thought necessary to not only get it done but to get it done right. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that our clients are always taken care of, and that they know they can depend on me and my staff to be there for them.

Here is what some of our clients say about us."

Monique Duci
Business Development


"It has been Ed's passion for 30+ years to create IT environments on which our Clients can build successful businesses. In my job as Director of Business Development it is my mission to support Ed and the rest of the team by focusing not only on the growth of our business, but also on enhancing the relationship with our current clients. I joined this team 18 months ago and could not be more grateful that I get to work with such great people every day. No business should be without the kind of personal support that this team offers."

Kyle Rogowski
Director of Operations


"As Director of Operations, I ensure that our Clients' IT networks run smoothly and that their technology is fully operational. I enjoy keeping up on technology and designing solutions that enhance our Client’s business and that help them drive revenue. It is my goal to make sure technology brings value to our Clients so they can focus on their business without having to worry about their networks."

Ernesto Soto
Helpdesk & Onsite Technician


"As a Support Technician, I strive to provide informative, professional, and reliable service to our clients every day. I enjoy the fact that each day presents a new set of IT related challenges, and am always looking for ways to become better acquainted with our Clients in an effort to better serve them."

NOC and External Support Team

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  2. Business Development
  3. NOC
  4. Support Desk
  • Nathan Bronsveld
    Nathan Bronsveld
    Core Services Engineer
  • Jay Coots
    Jay Coots
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Eric L. Hoffman
    Eric L. Hoffman
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Stephen Limonta
    Stephen Limonta
    Core Services Technician
  • Tate West
    Tate West
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Landen Hagler
    Landen Hagler
    Technical Services Engineer
  • JB Frierson
    JB Frierson
    Account Manager
  • Joseph Burt
    Joseph Burt
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Joe Parr
    Joe Parr
    Manager of Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Kayley Lantrip
    Kayley Lantrip
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Josh Armstrong
    Josh Armstrong
    Core Services Engineer
  • Michael Copeland
    Michael Copeland
    Creative Director
  • Misty Kaufman
    Misty Kaufman
    Sales Development Representative
  • Ross O'Neal
    Ross O'Neal
    Art Director
  • Cody Peters
    Cody Peters
    NOC Technician
  • Drew Lessard
    Drew Lessard
    Core Services Engineer
  • Matt Mariaux
    Matt Mariaux
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Rudy Lucas
    Rudy Lucas
    Marketing Program Manager
  • Khoi Le
    Khoi Le
    Technical Service Engineer
  • Todd Harker
    Todd Harker
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Trent Shaw
    Trent Shaw
    Technical Services Engineer
  • RJ Alvarade
    RJ Alvarade
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Vinat Kettavong
    Vinat Kettavong
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Johnson Tran
    Johnson Tran
  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith
  • Clare Davis
    Clare Davis
    Account Manager
  • Mykah Yuhas
    Mykah Yuhas
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Matt Hubbard
    Matt Hubbard
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Brenden Clark
    Brenden Clark
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Aaron Channell
    Aaron Channell
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jared Kim
    Jared Kim
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Courtney Ford
    Courtney Ford
    Graphic Designer
  • Michael Mantey
    Michael Mantey
    Senior Tier 1 Support Desk Technician
  • Dan Parker
    Dan Parker
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Alexis Williams
    Alexis Williams
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Robert Ryle
    Robert Ryle
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Garrett Phillips
    Garrett Phillips
    Technical Services Engineer
  • David Albert
    David Albert
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Michael Winward
    Michael Winward
    NOC Manager
  • Lou Ernst
    Lou Ernst
    Sales Development Representative
  • Kenneth Perrot
    Kenneth Perrot
    Account Manager
  • Clifton Reynolds
    Clifton Reynolds
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Lee Mash
    Lee Mash
    Business Development Rep.
  • Derick Trammell
    Derick Trammell
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Witt Oakes
    Witt Oakes
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Eric Granger
    Eric Granger
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Elizabeth Kamrath
    Elizabeth Kamrath
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jeffery Hopkins
    Jeffery Hopkins
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Aaron Penrod
    Aaron Penrod
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Jimmy Ballard
    Jimmy Ballard
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Stephanie Gray
    Stephanie Gray
  • John Bailey
    John Bailey
    Senior Tier 1 Technician
  • Jonathan Browning
    Jonathan Browning
    Sr. T1 Support Desk
  • Ken Holtzapfel
    Ken Holtzapfel
    Technical Services Engineer
  • Blanca Rochell
    Blanca Rochell
    Tier 1
  • Cameron Vasilinda
    Cameron Vasilinda
    Sr. Tier 1
  • Enock Saint-Juste
    Enock Saint-Juste
    Sr. Tier 1
  • Eric Ball
    Eric Ball
    Tier 2
  • Matthew Ledbetter
    Matthew Ledbetter
    Live Call Team Lead
  • Barry Gauntt
    Barry Gauntt
    Sr. Tier 1
  • James Jeffcoat
    James Jeffcoat
    Tier 1 Support Desk
  • Joe Ambrosen
    Joe Ambrosen
    Tier 1 Support Desk
  • Hunter Buchanan
    Hunter Buchanan
    Senior Tier 1 Support Desk
  • Abbie Rogan
    Abbie Rogan